The Way of the Bard


This group of impassioned young people have been working together for the past four years, determined to make an impact on the world with their courageous actions and their creativity.

What do they care about? Social justice, Black Lives, poverty, climate change, LBGTQ rights, pollution… their issues are wide ranging, and deeply felt.

They use their artistic skills – from paintbrush to poem, from singing to swinging a hammer, to make a statement.

Now they are preparing for a journey to Wales, the original Land of the Bard, where they will walk from town to town, sharing stories, making music, and raising awareness world-wide for the things they care about.

In order to get there, they have undergone an remarkable fund-raising project: they are raffling off a post-and-beam tiny house. They are building it from scratch – beginning with milling the logs, and finishing with hand-carved decorative trim.

These young adults have practiced performance skills: storytelling and acting, music and dance. They have hiked mountains and slept in hammocks and prepared meals for each other.

But most importantly, this group of extraordinary young people have discovered who they are, what makes each of them unique and strong, and how to tell their own story, with brave honesty. They realize that with this kind of truth comes the power to make a difference in the world.


The Teeny-Tiny House

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