Kevin Henderson
and Neil Pearlman

Thursday September 14th 2023

6pm potluck supper

7pm music

Shetland Fiddle and American Piano for a world-class night of tunes. 

“Each known for his high-energy, joyful and fresh approach to the tradition, their combined sound is fiery yet precise; moving from heart-wrenching airs to sparkling reels in the blink of an eye.” – The Scotsman

Tim Cummings and
McKinley James

Friday October 27th

6pm potluck supper

7pm music

Scottish small pipes and cello – a Baroque parlor concert

Moira Smiley
&the Rhizome quartet

Thursday November 16th

Potluck at 6

7pm music

Original songs and traditional folk songs from the Appalachian and Anglo-Celtic traditions.  The Rhizome Quartet is John Dunlop (cello), Brooke Quiggins Saulnier and Laura Markowitz (violins) and Stefanie Taylor (viola).

Keith Murphy and
Yann Falquet

Saturday December 2nd

potluck at 6

7pm music

Masters of the contemporary Celtic guitar, a rich blend of Franco and Anglo song traditions.