Building a Tiny House

Post-and-Beam Tiny House Raffle

 Twenty young people are working together to build a tiny house from scratch Рliterally. They have milled up logs to get their boards, chiseled out mortise and tenon joints, and inlaid wide pine boards between the hemlock joists.

This 8×8′ house with an 8′ sleeping loft and a 4′ porch will be a fabulous Thoreau style cabin for the person who wins our Way of the Bard raffle.

Tickets are $10. Buy as many as you’d like! The winner will be responsible for the cost of transportation on a trailer to their location.



Tiny House Raffle

The proceeds for the raffle will allow the Barders to  create performance art with the intention of inspiring people to be more sensitive, inclusive and environmentally responsible.

If you want to support this effort, but have no place to put a tiny house, you can purchase tickets in the name of Shelburne Farms. Just write Shelburne Farms in as the first name/ last name on the form Then you can come visit the house when you’re at the Farms!


The Tiny House Raffle is CLOSED!

Winner will be announced on October 30th!

Thank you so very much for all your support!



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