It was the brainchild of Madeline and Keenan that instead of drumming up an audience for our performance at the beautiful hall at Boghill, we should invite locals to come for an open mic story slam / tune jam. The people at Boghill put the word out, and we audaciously phoned the one major radio station for the west of Ireland – Clare FM, and they invited us on for an interview and tunes by McKinley and Clayton. This might be the link – it’s the right day anyway. Clare FM the West Wind

We asked for miracles – Boghill is in a remote area of the Burren, but we asked for a standing-room only crowd, and enough money coming in at the door to give out two cash prizes of 100 euro each – and that’s exactly what happened. The performances were varied and really really good, and the winners were honored and delighted with their prizes. Everyone was buzzing with euphoria that night.