One thing Covid has given us is understanding just how powerful it is to have children educated outdoors. Now that schools are opening up again, we are committed to providing children with a day in the fresh air, with constant activity, intense concentration, and the unfettered curiosity that is provoked by learning within nature.

Study upon study show how children thrive being in the outdoors. Much of the research has been focused on early childhood education, but we firmly believe that no matter the age, every child deserves one day a week that is hands-on, unplugged and experiential. A Treewild day is full of STEM activities, Field Work at its best.

Treewild Forest Classroom is led by renowned outdoor classroom specialist, Joplin James

As always, Treewild is committed to being very COVID-safe.

Treewild Forest Classroom is a year-long program offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays and Fridays are for younger children (K-3) and Wednesdays is for older kids (4th grade and up.) In 2021, our opening day is September 21st, and after that, we will follow the CVSD school calendar.

Treewild does not usually take off for weather. We focus on appropriate clothing and use a variety of warming techniques to keep the children comfortable. We take a child’s safety quite seriously, and are also attentive to stretching their capabilities and developing both courage and tenacity.

Treewild is committed to creating a diverse and delightful group of children through our application process.