Les Poules a Colin

September 3rd, 2018

6pm potluck supper
7pm Concert

Colin’s Chickens – Les Poules a Colin

Dig up Québec’s deep dark roots, add electrifying energy and beguiling modesty = mind-blowing trad-folk groove.

From Songlines magazine, reviewing the CD Morose:“Complexities are revealed throughout this range of brave contemporary takes on traditional folk songs whether from Québec, Brittany or Louisiana. Each track is a story in itself set to skilled arrangements that soar and weave with a timeless beauty while sweet melodies interplay with the unexpected rhythmic and instrumental verve of jazz (…) Hailing from top traditional musical stock, what especially elevates this group is the musicians’ conscious modernity; the sum of its parts is very 21st century.”

Taking their name from a traditional song, Les Poules à Colin were raised behind the scenes at folk festivals, learning their craft at kitchen parties amongst some of Quebec’s finest trad musicians – which included their parents – in a region famous for its living heritage.

Despite their young age, Les Poules à Colin have been playing together for over nine years and it shows in their sparkling complicity. The group has a strong stage presence and demonstrates a contagious pleasure in each and every performance, drawing the audience to them. The group has already performed in major cities and small towns  in Canada, the US, Europe, the UK and Australia, and Africa, amassing a wealth of impressive experience in a short time.

Get ready world, this group is already really, really good
and on its way to greatness. -WPR @ Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The group’s sound is a seamless blend of their strong folk upbringing and North American influences that range from old-time to jazz, with some provocative and moody effects. Their repertoire is a mix of original and traditional pieces, primarily in French but with some English compositions, and reveals gorgeous vocal, instrumental and rhythmic prowess. Their adaptations of traditional songs from Quebec, Brittany or Louisiana speak eloquently to their generation while retaining the beauty of timeless music. Fiddle, guitar, lapsteel, banjo, mandolin, piano, bass and foot percussion form a rich and varied backdrop for their inventive arrangements. Les Poules à Colin reveal a unique and modern perspective on traditional Québec culture.

In 2017, after a nine-week tour of Australia (Port Fairy, The National, The Blue Mountains and Fairbridge folk fest, among others), tours to Sweden, USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Belgium, UK and their participation in the Games of La Francophonie in Abidjan in Ivory Coast, the group presents its new album MOROSE , which is inspired by the raw and pure aspect of Quebec musical traditions while combining contemporary sounds animated by energy, desires and the angst of our modern society.

The members of Le Poules:

Daughter of a musician father, Sarah Marchand grew up in the traditional Québécois music scene. She started playing guitar at age 5 and had sung since her youngest age. Sarah has been playing the piano for more than fifteen years now. She is a graduate of DEC in jazz-pop piano at the regional cégep of Lanaudière in Joliette and studied in Interpretation (piano Jazz-Pop) at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Sarah teaches piano and musical awakening in several music schools including “Jeunes musiciens du monde” in Montreal. In addition to being part of the group Les Poules in Colin, she is a member of other folk and popular music projects.


Born in Vermont, Beatrix spent her childhood in the region of Lanaudière, where she grew up immersed in music. Being the daughter of musicans parents, she listens to her father playing traditional Québécois tunes on the violin, and her mother singing folk songs from an early age.  She decides to try the fiddle at 9, when she enters elementary Shcool ” Les Mélèzes”, where she took classical music classes. She is a violinist at school, and soon becomes a fiddler at home with her father, who taught her tunes by ear. After a few years playing in local symphony orchestras, she dropped the classical world to devote herself to playing trad with her family group ”Dentdelion”, while developing an appeal for composition.  She joined Les Poules in Colin in 2008 and gradually made it  her main project. Over the years, she composed more and more, accumulating a repertoire of original songs that she plays in duo from time to time with her longtime friend, Colin Savoie-Levac, also a member of Les Poules à Colin.

Born in the Québec City region, Éléonore Pitre was exposed to traditional music early in life and began to play at age 4, starting out on violin. She moved to the Lanaudière region of Québec at the age of 14 where she starts playing the guitar. In 2007, Éléonore began her jazz-pop guitar technique at the Cégep Régional de Lanaudière in Joliette and graduated in 2010. She then studied in Artistic Practice: Guitar Jazz-Pop at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). In 2010, she was part of the corporate group The Pilots with whom she played for 2 months in Casablanca, Morocco. She has since played with several bands including Anik Jean, Les Belles Angels, Pink Chocolate Karine Ste-Marie and many others. She currently focuses on the  project Les Poules à Colin, and is also part of René Simard’s Nouveau Rêve tour (nominated for Best Performer of the Year, Interpreter).

Born to a musician mother, Marie Savoie-Levac began life listening to traditional Québécois music. At the age of 12 she began to play music with the flute. After five years playing flute, she decided to learn piano and entered the Joliette CÉGEP where she studied jazz-pop with the Quebec pianist Denis Frechette (La Bottine Souriante). Not long after, she started to play electric bass. She graduated from cégep with a diploma in music in 2010. She then studied at the Université du Québec à Montréal  (UQAM) in music education. In 2008, the folk band Les poules à Colin was founded. She traveled to major folk music festivals in Europe, the United States , UK and Canada, and recorded two albums with the band: Ste-Waves (2014), nominated at ADISQ for best traditionnal album of the year and Hébertisme Nocturne (2011). Since 2011, she has been keyboardist in corporate groups with whom she played, among others, for 2 months in Casablanca, Morocco.

Born in a family of musicians, Colin shows a marked interest in traditional music at a very young age. He started to play mandolin at the age of 12 studying with trad multi-instrumentalist and foot percussionist Michel Bordeleau (La Bottine Souriante, Les Charbonniers de l’Enfer).  He bought his first banjo in Connecticut in a musical camp, only a few months after his debut in music. Colin joined a year later Dentdelion, a traditional family group in which Béatrix Méthé was also a member. After studying music at the regional CEGEP of Lanaudière in Joliette, he became a full-time musician with Les Poules à Colin and The Duhks (a group that ended  in spring 2016). He is also replacing in groups like De temps Antan, La Bottine Souriante and Yves Lambert Trio.


There is so much to listen to – click play and kick back. Les Poules

Or watch them here: Les Poules video

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