The Long Walk

The Long Walk

To get off the Dingle peninsula when you’re a bard, there is just one way to travel (walking) but many kinds of weather. We, being Magical Bards, did it in the pouring sunshine, sparkling blue sky, flowers exploding like fireworks along the road, and songs to accompany our steps.

There were two groups, the high road and the low road. The high road headed up a mountain that has a small volcanic dip in the top. It is the place where a hero took a rest with his beloved before waking, and seeing that the invaders had already landed, took a giant leap down the mountain, and chased all those warriors back to sea. Most of the Barders chose this challenge, all the way up the craggy mountain, without a trail, then down to the road, and on into town on the other side, where the bus was waiting. Madeline, Abi, Erica and I chose to go by the road, and set a brisk pace over the not insignificant hill.

Walking is truly the best way to experience the life of a place.

Here’s a slide show. Choosing one photo was way too difficult!